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We are helping you and your team to look to the future and create YOUR story, a story that becomes OUR story.

We are a modern manufacturer of industrial technologies for various industries. Your vision and ideas combined with our technical experience can help you improve your production capacity, save costs and time, create unique „know-how“ solutions giving you an advantage in front of your competitors, avoid manpower shortages, and more.

We take all tasks responsibly and strive to deliver the highest quality solutions for our partners, that‘s why we always provide a warranty to all our products and services, performing after-sales maintenance, and many more.

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    Industrial equipment manufacturing

    Industrial equipment manufacturing

    Depending on your needs and requirements, we can produce any type of equipment starting from standard conveyors, transporters, sorting and…
    Energy & Automation

    Energy & Automation

    We have a long experience in providing innovative solutions for industrial automation. With our flexible and modular automation solutions, you…
    Metal fabrication

    Metal fabrication

    We provide sheet metal design and steel fabrication services, including profiling, forming, welding, fabrication, painting and mechanical assembly of steel…


    We are a partner with whom you can discuss a problem in your manufacturing line. We will advise, design, and…

    Full Support

    Our support and service team always helps customers to learn, experience, and solve all issues. We find solutions to please almost all the customer's needs.

    Work Smart

    We always aim to work smart not hard. We are manufacturing only high-tech equipment and machinery.​

    Professional Team

    With a team of engineers and highly experienced workers, we ensure the products and solutions we are manufacturing will be only the highest quality.

    Health & Safety

    Workplace health and safety are important for the health and wellbeing of all employees across all industries that’s why Safety is one of the highest priorities within Lemel. We design and manufacture equipment that is safe and easy to use.


    We care about the environment we live in. We focus on the efficient use of resources as well we design and manufacture equipment which is energy efficient. Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same task – that is, eliminating energy waste.
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    • Healthy working environment and healthy health are not compromised